Terms & Conditions
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The following points make up the “terms and conditions” of your agreement with easyvetclinic and they are effective from the dates recorded on your agreement. These are very important and we strongly advise that you read through them carefully, and keep them in a safe place.
Treatment to which you are entitled - Please review what is included in your specific plan.
Treatment to which you are not entitled – The Agreement is limited to the provision of routine preventive health care and only entitles your pet to monitor its health.
Treatment by another veterinary practice – Your Agreement is with the easyvetclinic listed on your agreement and any treatment performed by another veterinary practice is not covered.
Payment – To sign up, there is the initial enrollment fee, which covers an administrative fee. Further monthly payments are by ACH or credit card. Your liability to pay the monthly fee continues until the Agreement is ended in accordance with these terms and conditions and no refunds will be allowed.
Alteration of monthly fees – easyvetclinic will review your pet’s monthly fees once a year. Should your pet’s fees change, you will be given at least thirty days written notice (correspondence is sent to the last known email address and will be treated as adequate notice.)
Terms - This is a one year agreement and will automatically renew unless cancelled by you.
Your Responsibilities – You are responsible for ensuring your pet(s) attend(s) easyvetclinic regularly and that you comply with the advice and treatment prescribed for your pet(s). If, in the reasonable opinion of easyvetclinic, they are unable to maintain your pet’s health due to any act or omission on your part, easyvetclinic may end the Agreement immediately by giving notice to that effect. If your personal details change, or if your pet is lost or deceased, you should notify easyvetclinic.
Ending the Agreement – You may cancel your Agreement by contacting easyvetclinic within the cancellation period, which is 14 days following conclusion of your Agreement. Following this period, you may end the Agreement by giving not less than 30 days’ notice to the clinic.
Cancelling your agreement- If cancelled on the one-year anniversary date, there are no further charges applied to your account. If cancelled before your 12 month agreement has lapsed, you must pay the balance of your 12 month agreement or a $100 cancellation fee, whichever is less. easyvetclinic may end the agreement by giving you written notice expiring on the last day of a month, after no less than one month’s notice. If you choose to cancel your plan and re-enroll at a later date, you will be required to re-register and pay an enrollment fee again.
Transferring plans and Visiting other easyvet locations- easyvet Wellness Plans may not be transferred to other easyvet locations. You must terminate your existing plan and re-enroll at your new location. Cancellation charges will apply. If you choose to visit a location other than the easyvetclinic where your plan originated, your exam fee will be waived but other charges must be paid in full.
Non-payment – Non-payment of one month’s fees – If easyvetclinic fails to collect a monthly payment, you will be informed accordingly and there will be an attempt to collect two payments from your account in the following month.
Non-payment of two months fees - If you default on two successive payments, easyvetclinic will inform you that your Agreement has been subsequently ended.
Refunds – If easyvetclinic agrees to refund your fees for whatever reason, your registration for those months will be treated as unpaid and the conditions relating to non-payment will fully apply to you.
Variation of these terms and conditions – The terms and conditions of this Agreement may be varied on one month’s written notice given to you by easyvetclinic. If you do not wish the Agreement to continue having regard to any variation notified to you, you may end it as detailed above under “Ending the Agreement.” If you do not do this by the time the notice expires, you will be deemed to have accepted the variation.
Agreements are non-transferrable – As your Agreement is between you and easyvetclinic, you may not transfer it to another practice. If you need to change to another practice, this Agreement must be cancelled.
Treatment outside the Agreement – This agreement does not prevent you and your practice agreeing that they will provide treatment outside your entitlement under the Agreement. You will be responsible for paying for such treatment.
Disputes – easyvetclinic has an in-house complaints procedure. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your pet’s veterinary care, you should approach your practice and veterinarians directly.
Notices – Any notice given to you by easyvetclinic under these terms and conditions is considered valid if sent to your last known email address.
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