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Pet Clinic Alpharetta


When was the last time you had to cancel or reschedule an appointment? It can be difficult to make time to bring your pet in to see the veterinarian even when they’re feeling ill, let alone when they’re just in need of a wellness check. However, it’s those wellness checks that really allow us to catch illnesses and diseases before they’ve had a chance to progress and cause serious harm to your companion. easyvetclinic makes it easier than ever to bring your cat or dog in for preventive care. Our pet clinic in Alpharetta is open on Saturdays for those hectic schedules, and we never require an appointment!


Pet Clinic Alpharetta


Preventive Veterinary Care

Why are we so committed to preventive care here at easyvet? We know just how invaluable it can be! Think about the person who finds out they have a medical condition based on a blood test at their annual physical versus someone who only went in to see the doctor once they noticed something was really wrong. The first person is often much easier to treat, requiring less expensive interventions, medications with fewer side effects and they may have options available that just require changes to diet and activity. Our pets are the same way.

Our walk-in pet clinic in Alpharetta makes that regular exam easier and much more affordable. That means fewer barriers between your pet and optimal health. Prevention isn’t only about testing and physical exams, though. We also offer vaccinations for cats and dogs as well as microchipping to keep them safe at your side. Flea and tick preventatives do an amazing job of keeping your pet (and home!) protected from those disease-carrying creepy-crawlies.

Affordable Pet Clinic in Alpharetta

We work hard to make our services for pet owners as affordable as possible. One way we do that is through only offering essential care, which allows us to pass major savings on to you. Our walk-in clinic means that you don’t have to worry about missed appointment fees. You won’t have to take time off work to bring your pet in for their regular care, either. We hope you drop on by to easyvetclinic Alpharetta soon, we’re looking forward to meeting you and your pet


Pet Clinic Alpharetta

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