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Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic in Alpharetta


With the spring and summer seasons approaching, destination travel is on the horizon. For pet owners, that also means your cats and dogs will likely soon be exposed to strange new pets -- and new viruses, bacteria and other contagious diseases. Instead of letting your pet go unprotected, it might be time to find a high quality pet vaccine clinic in Alpharetta.


Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic in Alpharetta


Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough in dogs got its nickname due to how common it is for pets getting boarded to come home with the disease. Unsurprising given the name, symptoms include a hacking cough. Some dogs will also have a fever, a runny nose and other cold-like symptoms that you’d recognize in a human. If you plan on boarding your pet, make sure they’re up to date on their shots at a pet vaccine clinic here in Alpharetta.


Core Vaccinations for Boarding

On top of keeping your pet safe from disease, most boarding locations simply won’t admit animals who aren’t up to date on their vaccines. Due to the risk of a major outbreak of everything from kennel cough to the dreaded rabies, they’re understandably pretty strict about vaccination records.


Traveling with Pets

If you plan on traveling with your pets, keep in mind that you’ll likely need a health certificate. In order to get on the plane with your furry companion, the airport and airline will both need to make sure that your pet isn’t a danger to anyone else. Proof of rabies vaccinations is required throughout the US, and many countries have even stricter requirements for travel with pets. Bring your cat or dog into a pet vaccine clinic in Alpharetta with plenty of time to spare before your travel plans.


Reducing stress for pets while traveling is also important for their health. All that travel anxiety can weaken their immune system, making them susceptible to those pesky viruses. Try to avoid spending your trip to see family at the emergency vet clinic by getting them vaccinated and keeping travel stress at a minimum.


If you have any questions about finding a pet vaccine clinic in Alpharetta, please feel free to stop by easyvetclinic.


Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic in Alpharetta

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